Florigene Moon Series at Ballarat Carnations

Ballarat Carnations are proud to be supplying our wholesalers with the Florigene Moon Series carnations grown at our Ballarat flower farm. Florigene have developed an exquisite range of unique carnation varieties in a striking range of purple hues. The colours of the Florigene carnations are completely novel for carnations and offers the floral industry a whole new scope of colour for their arrangements, centrepieces and bouquets.  The Florigene Moon Series have excellent vase life and have several varieties.

Moonshadow Carnations

With its intense mauve violet hue, the Moonshadow carnation is great for all occasions, blended with the carnations from the other Florigene Moon Series, as a contrast or simply on it's own. The flower comes in mini carnation form with 2-3 heads per stem or in a monoclavel form with a single flower per stem. 

Moonshadow Carnations, Ballarat

Moonlite Carnations

Slightly lighter in color than the rest of the Florigene Moon Series but the Moonlite carnation is still a gorgeous mauve colour with a flower that opens completely and maintains vase life performance

Moonlite Carnations, Ballarat

Moonshade Carnations

The Moonshade carnation has a blueish purple hue which distinguishes itself from anything else in the flower market. As the Moonshade flower begins to open there it magically changes to a bluer colour. Its performance is outstanding, the flower opens completely and maintains a healthy shelf life.

Moonshade Carnations, Ballarat

Moonvista Carnations

Moonvista carnation is a very dark, almost black, blue-purple with a velvety sheen-like effect. This carnation variety is in high demand as it gives such a striking alternative for those who prefer a darker bloom. Like the others in the Moonseries it has an excellent vase life.

Moonvista Carnations, Ballarat

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