Green Trick Ballarat, Victoria

Ballarat Carnations are very excited to be able to supply our wholesalers with the new and striking carnation variety called the Green Trick Dianthus. We are the first flower farm in Australia to have the Green Trick available for cut flower sales. With its golf ball sized bloom in vibrant green Green Trick is the current celebrity of the fresh flower market and won the 2008 World Flower Show best novelty flower award in Holland.

Green Trick Dianthus Barbatus has an exceptionally long vase life of 2 to 4 weeks and is extremely versatile. A favourite for weddings, modern arrangements and bouquets, corporate and event work. The availability of the Green Trick Carnation is best in Spring and Summer and slightly limited in Autumn and Winter so pre-ordering is essential.

Green Trick, Ballarat Carnations  Green Trick, Ballarat Carnations

Make sure you are one of the flower wholesalers supplying Green Trick. 

Contact us via email or phone us on 03 5334 7369 or 0438 547 369. 

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